International Finance and Accounting

About This Journal

Creation of practical mechanisms to stimulate development of scientific-practical researches and innovations and introduction of production in processes of modernization, technical and technological renewal, establishment of innovative cooperation between scientific research organizations and real sector enterprises with the purpose of providing more scientific and production links. Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-916 dtd 15.07.08 "On the production of innovative projects and technologies" atbiq On additional measures to stimulate the higher education institutions, a number of tasks.

In this e-scientific journal, the authors are encouraged to consider their articles on innovative development of industry, infrastructure, transport and communications, further reforming and enhancing the banking and financial system, sustaining long-term structural changes and ensuring the competitiveness of the innovative economy.

Nowadays scientific electronic journals are widely used in leading foreign universities. With the formation of an information society, the share of electronic media, based on websites of public telecommunications networks, is increasing. The widespread introduction of these types of publications not only increases the speed of information delivery but also contributes to the efficient use of paper. One of the main tasks of this e-journal is to familiarize young scientists, senior researchers, independent researchers and masters with the results of prestigious scientific works of leading scientists and practitioners of the Republic, as well as promptly inform the public about the achievements of the socio-economic sphere of the country.

This scientific journal publishes articles in the following areas

- Finance

- Insurance

- Tax and taxation

- Accounting, economic analysis and audit

- Stock market

- Investments

- Management and marketing

- Innovative technologies and projects