Chemical Technology, Control and Management


There are dealt with the creation of a control system for a dynamic object with an elastic property, described by a system of second-order differential equations, further transformed into two polynomial equations in matrix form in a paper. In order to solve the problem of synthesizing the control system, two matrix polynomials with unknown parameters were introduced into the system of equations, which is the transfer function of the controller, the order of which is two, giving the system the properties of astatism. To solve the delivered problem posed, the matrix polynomial equation was transformed into a matrix linear equation that has the real coefficients The proposed method for the synthesis of the regulator allows ensuring the stability of the system, while imparting the properties of astatism, the duration of the transient process is determined by the location of the poles of the system and the desired quality indicators.. The results of the simulation showed that the synthesized control system meets the requirements of the object.

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