Chemical Technology, Control and Management


The article discusses the questions of formalization of the procedure for choosing an optimality criterion and setting the problem of controlling the production of ammonium nitrate. The analysis of the technical and economic features of the considered production is carried out. As a criterion for the efficient operation of ammonium nitrate production, such a technological indicator as specific technological costs for the main stages, determined by the interval of quasi-stationarity of the object, is used, i.e. the time of its stable work. To solve the control problem, it is proposed to use the decomposition of the control problem into a number of local optimization problems of lower dimension. The optimal values of the state vectors, control and input signals of the object obtained on the basis of these solutions are used at the second level to calculate the gradient of the dual function of the problem of minimizing the Lagrange multipliers. At the third level, the optimal values of the argument obtained at the second level of optimization are used to iteratively maximize the dual function.

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