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The article is devoted to topical applied issues, the application of methods of intermittent ventilation of industrial buildings using a digital data transmission system. The requirements for the parameters of the environment are determined, which include: composition, purity, temperature, air humidity, the content of positive and negative ions, the presence of fields of various origins (thermal, optical, biological, gas, and electromagnetic). The authors of the article argue that some of the listed parameters can be supported by ventilation and air conditioning (SCA) systems.

It is shown that when the controlled parameters are limited to a multidimensional area, the SCA control algorithms should provide for the procedure for moving and changing the air parameters, which is carried out by the transition of the outdoor air parameters to the parameters of the air supplied to the room.

To minimize operating costs during the cold season, the air supplied to the room should be kept at the minimum allowable enthalpy. And in the warm season at the maximum allowable level. Based on these criteria, a technological process for stabilizing parameters, algorithms and equipment is selected as a SCA as a whole for automation systems.

It is shown that with such a periodic switching on of the system, fluctuations in the microclimate parameters occur. Air temperature and CO2 concentration are subject to the greatest variability. The ventilation process should be controlled based on the control of these two parameters of the air environment of the room, the changes of which should not go beyond the permissible limits.

To study the dynamics of the concentration of CO2 in the air of the room, it was found that at T = 1˚C the concentration of CO2 with intermittent ventilation operation does not disturb the comfortable conditions in the premises. To improve the quality of SCA operation, the authors of the article proposed an algorithm and technical means based on fiber-optic elements, which constitute a digital multiplexed system for collecting and distributing information about temperature and humidity in vegetable storage rooms.

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