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In this article, the main object of research is the creation of appropriate microclimatic conditions to ensure reliable and high-quality storage of archival documents, as well as automatic control of the optimal values of the main parameters of the external and internal environment that directly affect the quality of storage. To control the microclimate, three categories of models for automatic control of these parameters are considered separately in the archives: the “white box”, “black box” and “gray box " models. The results of the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the considered models are presented. The generalized structure of the microclimate management system is also given, as well as a list of controlled and changeable parameters of the microclimate management system of archives. It is proposed to use the fuzzy logic apparatus to create microclimate control systems in archival repositories, which allows synthesizing stable algorithms for its functioning in conditions of uncertainty. The specific steps that need to be performed when designing and using fuzzy inference systems and which are implemented based on the rules of fuzzy logic are listed. When designing and using fuzzy inference systems, it is necessary to observe certain stages that are implemented based on the rules of fuzzy logic. A generalized algorithm for forming a rule base with a technique for implementing the fuzzy inference procedure is presented. The tasks that need to be solved when designing a fuzzy control system are indicated. A system of automatic temperature control in archival repositories with a fuzzy logic controller is presented.

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