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In this research paper, analytical equations of the transient characteristics of a new remote transformer current converter without a compensating capacitor have been obtained when a stepwise, linearly increasing, sinusoidal and sinusoidal with a damped amplitude of effects was applied to their input. It has been shown that the developed current converter can be represented in the structural schemes of monitoring and control systems in the form of a series-connected real differentiating link without statism and inertial (aperiodic) link of the first order, and in the case of neglecting active losses in the magnetic circuit and when the converter is operating in idle mode, i.e in the form of ideal differentiating link. It has been established that the transient response of the developed current transducer has an aperiodic character when a surge primary current is fed to its input, and with a relatively very large value of the time constant of the secondary circuit compared to the time constant of the magnetic circuit, transient response approaches transient response of a real differentiating link.

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