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The article studies the process of obtaining carbonate-ammonium nitrate (CAN) based on the mixing of melt ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) with chalk (СаСО3) and ammonium sulfate (NH4)2SO4). For the granulation of nitrate-sulfate-carbonate melt the prilling method is applied using a granulation tower. Determined the composition and properties of new types of fertilizers. It is shown that with the ratio NH4NO3 : СаСО3 : (NH4)2SO4 = 100 : 24 : 1 the product contains 28,03% N, SO3 – 0,50%, 10% СаО and has a granule strength of 6,03 MPa, which is much higher than the strength of pure NH4NO3 granules (1,32 MPa). Porosity and absorption of pure AN granules is 22,0% and 4,82 g. With an increase in the proportion of chalk and ammonium sulfate to the NH4NO3 : СаСО3 : (NH4)2SO4 = 100 : 24 : 1 ratio, the porosity and absorbency of the LAN granules is 6,11% and 2,57g, respectively. It was revealed that the use of the (NH4)2SO4, СаСО3 additive in the NH4NO3 melt at a mass ratio of NH4NO3 : СаСО3 : (NH4)2SO4 = from 100 : 2 : 0,5 to 100 : 58 : 2 allows to increase the strength and temperature of the onset of decomposition of the nitrate granules by 2-6,7 and 1-1,3 times and reduce the porosity by 2,7-4,8 2 times.

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