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The article substantiates the need to develop generalized indicators to assess the effectiveness of complex systems as "smart" networks. For a comprehensive and objective assessment of the microgrid operation efficiency, studies conducted world-wide aimed at creation of a single efficiency indicator by generalizing indicators of energy efficiency are analyzed. The priority area of research is development of a generalized indicator of the relative normalization of performance indicators and determination of a rational order of ranking these indicators in order of importance. For selection and ranking of indicators, we use the method of “expert assessments”. When choosing indicators, the "minimum of reduced costs" criterion is used. The effect of studied indicators on the total costs of the microgrid is determined. Generalized efficiency indicator of the "smart" grid consists of capital investment efficiency factor, energy source efficiency factor, off-line operation factor (automation) of grid; power quality factor; energy factor of microgrid. Generalized indicator of microgrid efficiency is obtained by means of relative normalization of efficiency indicators and their generalization to a single factor. Order of ranking of generalized indicators and weight is selected with taking into account their influence on the generalized efficiency indicator. Algorithm and software code are developed for calculation of generalized efficiency indicator that allows energy monitoring of power consumption in "on-line" mode.

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