Chemical Technology, Control and Management


The influence of the additive of solid waste of soda production (SWSP) on the content of -C2S and C3S in cement studied. It was found that SWSP affects the density of the aluminum-containing minerals C3A and C4AF, in addition, in the presence of gypsum, their plasticizing properties improved. The introduction of SWSP additives during grinding of clinker intensifies the grinding process and made it possible to obtain a more plastic cement. It was proved that SWSP with CaCl2 content can be used as an additive to concrete and cement mortars - this has significantly improved the manufacturability and performance properties of cement-containing materials.

The effectiveness of SWSP significantly depends on the content of alite in cement: the more it is, the lower the effect of plasticization and water reduction. The optimal dosage of SWSP is 10-20 mass. % The addition of inorganic electrolyte of calcium chloride and their components showed good results in plasticization and water reduction. The main practical result is the possibility of obtaining high-quality cement materials (concrete) with significant additives of complex SWSP using simple technological means and based on ordinary cements.

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