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The problem is formulated and methods for processing images, in particular pollen grains, based on the mechanisms for extracting statistical, dynamic, texture and specific characteristics, as well as geometric features of micro-objects, are developed. Methods are proposed for assessing the accuracy of processing information on the characteristics of points, point and non-linear verification of the contour of the input and reference images, highlighting, segmenting, contrasting, interpolating. The mechanisms of extracting frequency, cytoplasm, reticules, spores, textures, morphology, and geometric features of pollen grain images are studied. A set of programs for processing microobject images in C ++ language in the CUDA parallel computing environment has been implemented, including functional modules for reducing zero points of the contour, reducing raster dimensions, scaling, threshold and dynamic level control, adjusting color and brightness picture parameters, initial value, centroid, segment boundaries, orthogonal biquadratic identification polynomial.

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