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The integration of information technologies with biology is considered, enabling specialists to further study the subject area. The object of the study is the identification of the information structure and parameters of Insects Orthoptera of Uzbekistan. For this purpose, an information and identification software complex were created and the analysis of the variety of orthoptera having a certain internal structure and, accordingly, the formed structure of the relational database of the Insecta Orthoptera species was carried out. At the same time, attention will also be paid to the study of a number of scientific issues, one way or another related to the algebraic approach in pattern recognition, such as the choice of optimization procedures for algebraization of algorithms, the formation of a training sample of biological objects, etc.there Are also some problems due to the heterogeneity of data on the erect insects of Uzbekistan (Insecta Orthoptera) as biological objects. In such cases, there is a need to improve the existing algorithmic base.

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