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An analysis of the metrological support of electric energy metering devices has been carried out, which allows us to note a number of shortcomings, which include the insufficiency and imperfection of normative and technical documentation on electric energy metering and control, operation and verification of existing measuring instruments, poor equipment of enterprises and territorial bodies of Uzstandart Agency with high-performance calibration installations, the absence of portable compact installations for checking meters at the place of use, braztsovyh higher accuracy of measuring (standards). Information is provided on the developed device that allows structurally minimizing the error in current conversion and using cheap available magnetic materials for the transformer core. The presence of an electronic circuit allows to reduce the error due to the presence of an air gap of an uncontrolled length and the influence of adjacent conductors with current, as well as to reduce the error caused by a change in position in the window of the magnetic conductor of a controlled current.

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