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The article discusses the mathematical model of the implemented intruder of the process of information impact on the operational-technological communication network based on IP technologies, representing the process of functioning of the IP telephone network in the form of a stochastic network, using the Mason equation for closed graphs, an equivalent function of the stochastic network, the network functioning process operational-technological communication-IP in the conditions of the nth type of cyber attack of the intruder. To demonstrate the method for determining the distribution function of time for bringing data packets in the operational-technological communication-IP network, a particular problem is considered. Using the Mason equation for closed graphs, the equivalent function of the stochastic network is compiled, it is established that the developed model provides results that do not contradict the logic, is sensitive to changes in input parameters and is operable, is in good agreement with the data obtained using known models, and allows you to determine the average time spent on implementation of the selected type of computer attack.

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