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The problems of the production of potassium hydroxide from local raw materials of Uzbekistan are considered. The methods for producing potassium hydroxide are analyzed. The rheological properties of the intermediate solutions and suspensions formed in the process of obtaining potassium hydroxide by the calcareous method have been investigated. The optimal technological parameters of the process — the content of potassium hydroxide in the liquid phase, the ratio of the solid and liquid phases and the concentration of the washing solution were established to achieve the maximum filtration rate. The effect of the amount and concentration of washing water on the filtration rate during three-time washing of the precipitate in the washing stage and the degree of washing the precipitate relative to potassium hydroxide in dry sediment were studied. A chemical analysis of the initial precipitation and precipitation after the third washing was performed in order to determine the possible transition of potassium hydroxide into them. It is proposed to use the technological scheme for obtaining potassium hydroxide with three times washing the precipitate and returning the washing water to the caustification stage.

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