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To developing a device based on a luminescent sensitive element for determining antioxidant activity by oxygen concentration


The article analyzes the main photophysical processes involving excited phosphor and oxygen molecules and reveals the relationship between the oxygen concentration and the integrated luminescence intensities in the absence and presence of oxygen. It is shown that the implementation of the method based on the measurement of the energy characteristics of luminescence can be brought to instrumentation by using a relatively simple measuring technique. In addition, a description is given of available devices for measuring the concentration of oxygen in liquid and gaseous media based on optical methods, and also their disadvantages are identified. A device is proposed for the quantitative determination of the antioxidant activity of a sample by oxygen concentration based on the integrated luminescence intensities of the luminescence in the absence and in the presence of oxidized oxygen. The structural diagram and principle of operation of the proposed device are illustrated. The results of the work can be applied in determining the antioxidant activity of food products.

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