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The problem is formulated and conceptual approaches to improve the reliability of information based on the mechanisms of extraction and use of natural, structural, technological, semantic information redundancy of electronic documents are proposed.Methods and algorithms for improving the reliability of information based on the use of standard texts of the document, collections of terms, keywords, concepts, test set – standard, template, database (DB) and knowledge base (BR). The analysis of efficiency of algorithms of an assessment of relevance, errors of relevance of documents is carried out. A generalized algorithm for improving the reliability of information with mechanisms of search full search options, heuristic search with annealing, stochastic modeling based on the truncated Markov chain, as well as tools for adjusting the parameters. The technique of optimization of reliability of information is developed and the problem is solved taking into account weights of influences of each applied control rule. A scheme is proposed, the hardware of which is based on the use of traditional information technology, local area network and database, the capabilities of which are compared with the parameters of the developed algorithms for information processing.

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