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The results of the study concerning the ability of multispectral analysis to authenticate dried medicinal herbs of Uzbekistan are considered. Before obtaining the multispectral image, various medicinal plants (colored oregano grass (herbaoriganitytthianthi) and shepherd's pouch (capsellabursa-pastoris) were subjected to different drying conditions to increase the variability of the plant database and reproduce the conditions. Drying experiments were carried out in the laboratory of Tashkent state technical University. After drying, the images were collected using nineteen light-emitting diodes (405 to 1050 nm) using the Videometer Lab2 device. The image cubes were processed to extract the average spectra of the image. The results of partial discriminant least squares analysis (PLSDA) after cross-checking performed on spectral data show 100% correct classification regardless of the medicinal plant. PLSDA gave 100% correct classification. These results showed that a multispectral imaging system can authenticate medicinal plants regardless of their drying process, probably due to the specific composition of the constituent elements.

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