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The paper presents analytical measurements for the study of the object under investigation, while the property of the measured objects is considered. Aspects of measurement aimed at defining the physical properties of the physical value, including the purpose and concept of measurement were defined, which includes the study or evaluation of any properties of the object in analytical measurements. The results of experiments for valid objects are presented that are determined by infinite number of properties to obtain measurement results that are adequate to the measurement purpose. For that certain properties of objects are regarded as measured values that are essential for the chosen target, i.e., select the model of the object is chosen.

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1. Begunov A.A. Metrological bases of analytics. – S-Pb, 2004, -415 pages. 2. Begunov A.A. Metrological basics of analytical measurements in food industru – S-Pb .: Type. RAINBOW, 2009, - 206 p.

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