Chemical Technology, Control and Management

Aims & Scope

“Chemical technology. Control and Management” journal is an interdisciplinary journal that publishes various information about available technologies, sensors, instruments and devices for measuring, monitoring, and controlling in the following directions: informatics, computer engineering, and management; instrumentation, electronics, metrology, standardization and certification, information-measuring instruments and systems; fuel and energy complexes, oil and gas production and processing industry, mining and processing industry, chemical industry, agro-industrial complex and food industry including:
• Domestic and foreign scientists and specialists’ results by their theoretical and applied research and development;
• Chemical technology;
• Control of technological parameters;
• Management of technological parameters;
• Intellectual property;
• Information technology, information security;
• Artificial intelligence system;
• Mechatronics and robotics;
• Life cycle management of industrial products and technical systems;
• Metrological support, standardization and certification;
• Economics, innovation and management;
• Chronicle;
• Scientific and technical journalism.

The uniqueness of the journal is that it represents a one-of-a-kind technical and technological innovation, practical experience and theory of process automation with academic exactingness and skills.
The magazine is a representative of various points of view and ideas for professionals.