The Light of Islam


The 20th century has been a period of struggle to expand the scale of influence among powerful countries. The countries in Asia and Africa have become the main battlefield in this process. As a result of the growing demand for oil and petroleum products, fuel prices have risen. Powerful countries have begun to influence the oil-rich territories to gain control over the energy resources. It has been a significant point in this process. This problem has remained actual. It is no exaggeration to say that the great countries use missionary activity for similar geopolitical purposes. Today, missionary activity shows that there is no region or country safe from such kind of threat. It is necessary to understand the essence of the missionary activity deeply and correctly to prevent such cases. Eliminating missionary work requires targeted, systematic and gradual action. Methods of missionary work are a set of theoretical actions that are developed based on specific experience and scientific basis. It has a systemic character to carry out this practice effectively. The paper is devoted to analyzing methods and means that missionary organizations use to increase their supporters. The article focuses on the methods and tools used by missionary organizations to increase their followers and their analysis. Missionary methods and tools have also improved over time. Christian adaptation, cultural adaptation, contextualization, and interfaith dialogue have gone hand in hand with classical, new, modern methods and tools, including television, audio, video, radio, and computer technology. At the same time, in the missionary activity, specific emphasis is placed on the factors related to the human psyche, based on concrete examples of the stages at which the change of a person’s beliefs psychologically takes place. Among the current trends, there are cases where missionaries are wearing clothes typical of local peoples and assimilating the terms (Allah, Tangri, Khudawand, Iblis) specific to local religions during prayer. For example, in Uzbekistan, attempts by some Christian organizations to use certain verses in the poems of Alisher Navai to propagate Christianity can be considered a form of inculturation.

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