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The role of religion in the modern world has increased significantly, and Muslim religious organizations have an increasing influence on the social life of various regions of Russia in general and Tatarstan in particular. Today, many social projects are working in the Republic of Tatarstan. Some of them are the initiative of the Muslim spiritual board and its structural units directly. Another part of the projects is being developed under the patronage of other public organizations. They are also brought to life with the support of spiritual governance. The structural divisions of the spiritual administration in this study refer to the propaganda department, the “Zakat” Foundation, kaziyats, mukhtasibats, and mosques. Organizations such as the Association of Muslim Businessmen of the Russian Federation are engaged in the development of the second direction of the charity. But they are not considered in this study because they go beyond the scope of the research topic. The analysis of the research materials showed that today the activities of religious organizations are multifaceted, influencing the sphere of education, sports, cultural events, charity, etc. They provide significant assistance to the state in solving various social problems of modern society. In this regard, further interaction of state bodies and Islamic religious organizations in matters of charity, leisure, education, and the upbringing of Muslims can have a significant impact on the preservation and strengthening of stability in the region. The purpose of the study is to identify the contribution of Muslim religious organizations to the social life of the Republic of Tatarstan. Research materials: the source base of the study was mainly made up of publications on the activities of Islamic religious organizations on the Internet, as well as research by the author. Research results: the main activities of religious organizations in the Republic of Tatarstan and their impact on social life were identified. The novelty of the study: within the framework of this study, for the first time, a comprehensive analysis of materials on the activities of Islamic religious organizations was carried out.

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