The Light of Islam


This article describes the role of social development processes in the spiritual development of humanity, its specific aspects, and the integral connection between them. It discusses present reforms in New Uzbekistan today in the socio-political, religious, and enlightenment spheres are considered the results, which have a positive impact on human dignity and the social mood of the people. These issues have been revealed based on concrete examples. The ideological landscape of today’s world poses new challenges for humanity and unexpected challenges. Several threats and dangers exist to human spirituality and a national value. The spirituality of mankind and the nation can change and improve depending on the matters of which the society is composed. The social mood of the community is one of the industrial laws, which depends on the actual implementation of changes and reforms, including the concrete results. Therefore, it mentions that New Uzbekistan reforms in all areas are rising to a new level in terms of content and quality. In the current complex and turbulent times, the role and influence of spiritual and educational issues are exponentially growing. It is a fact that this phenomenon is spreading among all levels of government and its people and becoming an essential part of deepening the process of democratic change in our society. Moreover, these processes create an atmosphere of open and sincere communication in the life of a community, including the spirit of understanding people, living with their pain and worries, helping them from a practical point of view with the problems of life that afflict them. The article examines the importance of providence of education to young people who are spiritual, well-mannered, kind, and compassionate in society.

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