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Currently, in the era of globalization, one of the urgent tasks facing the intelligentsia is to educate young people in the spirit of patriotism, respect for national and religious values by using the rich spiritual heritage of our ancestors. To achieve this goal, it is important to study the inner world of a person, take into account his psychological state, along with the use of wisdom and correct life instructions, reflected in written sources.

The article pays special attention to the fact that the knowledge taught to young people should be focused on the development of high morality in them, the formation of skills and competence to independently obtain, sort reliable information and distinguish it from false information, and define good and evil in life. In particular, for formirony, young people have the ability to show love for their homeland, parents and loved ones. Also, the article focuses on the formation of youth skills of a philosophical approach to everything in the world around them.

The attention that has been paid to young people in our country in recent years, their concern for the development of a hormonally developed person capable of being competitive in the face of development in a changing world is vividly illustrated. The article also mentions the operation "mehr" ("mercy"), as a result of which, the return to their homeland of people who, under the influence of various alien ideas, left this country and went to the "hot spots" of the world and seeing the bitter consequences repented of their actions ...

The article is devoted to what needs to be done in order to return the lost from alien ideas, rehabilitate them and make them active members of society. This shows that government agencies, society and everyone in general are responsible for this person. Attention is drawn to what the foreign experience shows in this regard.

The article provides clear examples of what extremist groups use to involve people in their destructive ideas. The culmination point of this article is how to resist such deceptions and how to return people affected by such negative influences. What is the main goal of the destructive directions, which distort the verses of the Koran in favor of their interests, and what slogans they put forward are indicated.

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