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Recently, Uzbekistan has taken comprehensive measures to develop tourism as one of the strategic sectors that contribute to the rapid development of regions, increase incomes and living standards of the population, as well as increase investment attractiveness. Modern information technologies make a signifcant contribution to the development of pilgrimage tourism. Advertising of online travel services in pilgrimage tourism currently does not allow you to automate the work of a travel Agency without creating an effective website. This article is devoted to the analysis of Internet technologies aimed at improving the tourism industry. The practical signifcance of the article lies in the use of modern information and communication technologies that support activities in the feld of the pilgrimage tourism in the region.
Ancient architectural and historical monuments of our country are of great interest to the world community. In recent years, thanks to the ongoing work to develop tourism, the number of foreign tourists has been growing. Also, the tourism industry will develop new areas such as ecotourism, gastronomic tourism, agro-tourism, sports tourism, traditional cultural and educational events, festivals, and competitions. The efforts made in this direction in our country, which attracts tourists with its unique culture and traditions, picturesque nature and picturesque corners, along with ancient monuments, shrines, historical and cultural monuments, play a signifcant role in the further development of the tourism industry and infrastructure. This is evidence of the fact that the world travel and tourism council (WTTC) in the study «Economic results of the travel and tourism industry» noted that our country is one of the fve fastest-growing countries in the tourism industry

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