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The article considers the impact of small business on the development of the national economy, expansion of production, improving the quality of goods and services, increasing employment, strengthening export potential, and efcient organization of imports. In this regard, the analysis of the conditions created in our country, and the basis of the achieved results were done. Also, future challenges and areas for improvement were identifed. One of the priorities in the development of a modern sociallyoriented market economy in our country is to strengthen small business and private entrepreneurship. Economic reforms are underway and a system has been set up to enhance the role of small business. The legal and regulatory framework guaranteeing entrepreneurial activity and structures to assist entrepreneurs have been formed. Small businesses have the opportunity to create new jobs without large capital and to reduce the shortage of certain goods, or even to provide them in full. Nowadays, it is important to analyze regularly the role of small business, which plays a key role in strengthening the productive capacity of the national economy and improving the welfare of the population, based on the conditions and opportunities of our country and draw perspective conclusions about them. At the same time, to substantiate and further improve the results of the ongoing socioeconomic reforms in society, it is necessary to study the development of small business and private entrepreneurship, as well as all sectors of the national economy. This article is the fulfllment of the tasks aimed at achieving these goals. The development of small and medium-sized businesses in the national economy, support for private and entrepreneurial activities will speed up production and ensure a stable supply of goods to the consumer market. As a result, the employment rate in the country will rise and the existing labor force will be able to create value. This process will increase national income and lead to an increase in per capita income. As a result, the national economy will develop, the well-being of the population will increase, and the socio-economic power and political position of the state at the international level will strengthen.

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