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The article introduces us to the Arabic-language magazine of the Dagestani Muslim reformers of the frst third of the XX century “Bayan al-Haqa’iq” In a short introduction, the author explains the policy of tsarism towards the Muslims of Dagestan in the pre-revolutionary period, and then the Bolsheviks in the frst years of Soviet power, explains the reason for the permission of the Soviet government to publish an Arabic-language magazineand gives a description of the main goals and objectives of this magazine. Topics that took place in the Islamic discourse of Muslim reformers of Dagestan on the pages of the magazine are highlighted, in particular, such issues of fqh as the prohibition of images of a person in Islam in the form of paintings and monuments, visiting graves; questions of ijtihad and taqlid; education and enlightenment issues; literature; questions covering the political situation in a particular region. A signifcant part of the magazine is occupied by articles on the issues of Wahhabism, which then existed mainly in the Hejaz and Nejd districts of the Arabian Peninsula, as well as articles on Suf topics: sheikhdom and false sheikhism in tariqah, reading the Friday sermon (khutbah) in Arabic, etc. The issues of the magazine published materials not only of Dagestanis, but also very important and interesting for Dagestani Muslims articles of famous scholars in the Middle East such as Abd al-Wahhab ash-Sha’rani (died in 1565), Muhammad Abdo (1849- 1905) and others. The topics of the published articles are actual for clarifying the current confessional situation in the region. The questions explained on the pages of the magazine more than 90 years ago continue to remain extremely relevant and in-demand today in Dagestan. Therefore, the role of the journal “Bayan al-Haqa’iq” in the popularization and enlightenment of broad strata of the population in Islamic issues at the present stage can hardly be overestimated

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