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The scientific heritage of Mahmoud Zamahshari in the field of linguistics, lexicology, and literary studies consists of approximately 70 works. In the scientific heritage of the scientist, a special place is occupied by the work "Mukaddamata-l-adab." This work, recognized as the first multilingual dictionary, contains Arabic-Persian-Turkish trilingual, Arabic-Persian-Turkish-Mongolian four-language manuscripts. The work consists of five parts: the first part is devoted to nouns, the second part to the verb, and the words derived from it. Its third part consists of grammatical rules regarding auxiliary words, the fourth part - declension of nouns, and the fifth part - conjugations of verbs.

The world funds store copies of the work, consisting of five parts, as well as individual manuscripts of grammatical parts. The vocabulary parts of a work are of great volume and great scientific importance. It should be noted that the Turkic dictionary of the work, including Turkic words, is one of the unexplored and relevant topics in world linguistics. 10 rare manuscripts of the dictionary "Mukaddamatu-l-adab" are stored in Tashkent funds. To date, 62 copies have been discovered, which are stored in the funds of various countries of the world. Most of them were copied in the XIII-XIV centuries and are an important source for studying the rich semantic features of the Turkic language. The most ancient manuscript of the work is considered to be the Arabic-Persian-Turkish dictionary, copied in 1257 in Khorezm, a copy of which is stored in the Sulaymaniyah Foundation in Turkey. The only copy of the Arabic-Persian-Turkic-Mongolian four-language manuscript of this work in the world, copied in 1492, is stored in the State Museum of Literature of Uzbekistan.

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