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Copulative phraseological units (CPU) occupy a special place in the Persian phraseological fund. These include fixed phrases which built on the model name+and+name, name+and+adjective, belonging to the same grammatical row. In these phrases, the linking conjunction واو عطف vāv-e a’tf is used as a connecting element. The linking conjunction واو عطف vāv-e a’tf is always pronounced “о” "in both fixed and free phrases. In CPUs, the main function of واو عطف vāv-e a’tf - to combine words with the same syntactic relation - loses its strength, and this conjunction turns into one of the main components of the copulative phraseologies. Polynomial verbal phraseologies accept all the morphological categories characteristic of a verb. The content of this type of phraseological units is almost identical, which consists of two or three nouns and verb combinations that are interconnected with different grammatical means. This article is devoted to study of polynomial verbal copulative phraseologies in Persian, their structural and semantic analysis. The article also discusses the modeling of polynomial verbal copulative phraseologies which collected from sources, their productive and unproductive types.

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