The Light of Islam


This article reflects the life and work of the scholars of the Naqshbandiya doctrine of Mavlana Arif Deggarani (1313– 1375), Khodja Khusrav (XIV c.), Sheikh Nuriddin (XIV c.) and the sheikhs of Yassaviya Sayyid Ata (1318–1390), Badr Ata (XIV c.), Hazret Kasim Sheikh Azizon (1500–1578), who lived in the territory of the current Navai region and had a significant influence on the socio-political and spiritual life of Central Asia in the Middle Ages, and also presents some fragments from their activities cultural life of the country.

It also provides information based on historical sources and archival documents on the development of the tarikat, which forms the basis of the activities of these scholars, their religious views and relations with the rulers. Information on the history of construction, location and the current state of shrines, mosques and chapels of Sufism scholars located on the territory of Navai region is analyzed.