The Light of Islam


This article gives information on the reasons for the prevalence of Sufism in the West, its adaptation to secularization processes, and the growing interest in Sufism.

The problems, trends, stages and different perspectives of research presented by representatives of The School of Sufism in the West were studied in comparative-analytical study, showing the general and different aspects.

This article also focuses on the promoting methods of the representatives of Sufism in the West, their structure and their differences from traditional ones. Initially, the modern tariqa members caused the spread of Islam by promoting Sufism. But, nowadays, they are claiming that the religion does not interfere when one wants to join a tariqa. The article also covers the main goals of their actions.

There are also notes relating to the activities of the tariqas in the most free environment of Western countries, their influence on society, radical changes in their ideological foundations and the cases of deviation from the originality.

The concluding part of the article consists of the peculiarities of the study of Sufism in the West, the attitude of modern tariqa figures to Sufism and the emerging problems due to non-Islamic aspects.