The Light of Islam


This article is consists of two parts, the first part is entitled «Influence of the Hakim Termizi Heritage on Sufi Environment in Maverannahra». It describes in detail, the influence of the views of Hakim Termizi on the Sufi environment in Central Asia, in particular on the dissemination of the ideas of futuwwa. Also, it is necessary to reveal how exactly the ideas of «futuwwa» are reflected in the works of Hakim Termizi. Thus, we directly refer to the work of Hakim Termizi and the work of modern scholars who have studied the scientific and spiritual heritage of Hakim Termizi. In addition, the first part represents the role of the ideas of Hakim Termizi on the formation of the principles of local tariffs in Central Asia during the formation of local sufi orders.

The second part of the article is entitled «The Place of Hakim Termizi in the Sciences of the Interpretation of the Qur’an and Lexicography», which examines the contribution of Hakim Termizi to the science of the interpretation of the Qur’an and the study of the vocabulary of religious texts. A series of works by Hakim Termizi on lexicography and interpretation are described. In particular, his work «Tahsil nazair al-Qur’an», which is devoted to meaningful words in the Qur’an, is compared with the similar works of previous scholars.