The Light of Islam


Three well-known works of Imam Bukhari (810 - 870) which dedicated to the science of narrators of hadith that called «al-tarikh». They are «big» – «al-Tarikh al-kabir», «medium» – ‘al-Tarikh al-awsat» and «small» – «al-Tarikh al-saghir». The first two of them have survived to the present day.

al-Tarih al-Kabir is characterized by a wide range of topics and information contained therein. Perhaps that is why this work was called «The Great history». This book has great importance not only among the works of Bukhari, but also in the science of «jarh and tadil». It is one of the first sources of the science of transmitters. This is confirmed by the high evaluation of this work by scientists’ contemporaries of Bukhari as Muhammad Ibn Abu Hatim and Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Said Ibn Ukda.

To determine the author’s views on «jarh and tadil», as well as a specific method, it is important to analyze the terms of «jarh and tadil» which are used in relation to the transmitters in this work, as well as repeated in his other works. It is also important to find out whether the author or other muhaddith in his collections of narratives from the narrators to which the jarh (criticism) was applied. Because it reveals a particular style of Imam Bukhari in the assessment of narrators and the attention of other scholars to his views.

In the article it is described the specific method of Imam Bukhari on the basis of the most strict critical terms of science jarh – «munkar al-hadith» and «matruk al-hadith» which is used in «at-Tarikh al-Kabir».