The Light of Islam


Mahmud Zamakhshari’s scientific heritage are consist of about 70 works on linguistics and literary studies. The work of “Muqaddamatu-l-adab” has a special place in the scientific heritage of the scholar. This work, originally recognized as a multilingual dictionary, contains Arabic-Persian-Turkish trilingual, Arabic-Persian-Turkic-Mongolian in four languages. The work consists of five parts, in the first part presented words of noun, the second part is devoted to the verb and the words from it. The third part consists of auxiliary words, the fourth part is the formation of names and the fifth part is grammatical rules regarding the formation of verbs. There are such kind of manuscripts which included five parts of the work and manuscripts with separate grammatical parts in World funds. The vocabulary parts of the work have great scientific importance. Especially, Turkic dictionary in the manuscripts of the work is one of the most relevant and not investigated topics in world linguistics. Ten unique manuscripts of the Muqaddamatu-l-Adab dictionary are kept in Tashkent funds and sixty two copies which have been found currently in the funds of foreign countries. Most of them were copied in the 13th-14th centuries and serves as an important source for studying of Turkic language’s richness and meaning specificity in those periods. The earliest manuscript of the work is an Arabic-Persian-Turkic dictionary copied in 1257 in Khorezm and this copy is being stored in Turkey’s Suleiman Fund currently. The only copy of manuscript in Arabic-Persian-Turkic-Mongolian four-language, which was copied in 1492 in Bukhara is stored in the State Museum of Literature of Uzbekistan.