The Light of Islam


The article describes the features of the industrial development of the Tashkent region. Within one region, an industrial complex was analyzed. Some views of theorists on regional development are given. The opinions of these scientists on the factors affecting the development of industry in the region are analyzed. The economic potential and geographical location of the regions can lead to a clear division of the individual territories in industrial production. The economic and industrial potential of the Tashkent region was evaluated. It also analyzes the economic potential of the region. The role of regional sectors of the economy in the country is considered. It describes the economic potential of districts and cities, the availability of financial resources and the level of development of scientific and technological progress. It indicates the need to change the principles of state regulation of the scientific sphere for innovative development and the effective functioning of the region’s industry, foreign experience is an example of organizational and economic measures supporting the innovative development of the region’s industry. In conclusion, recommendations on the sustainable development of industry in the region are presented.