The Light of Islam


The founder of the Timurid dynasty Amir Timur (1336-1405) united Central Asia and its neighbouring countries, attracted famous scholars and specialists in various fields of public sector and created favourable conditions for their activities from all over the conquered lands in the capital of Samarkand. After all, he was one of the most well-known rulers of his time, well aware of the importance of science in the development of the country and paid a great deal of respect to the scholars. As a result, there have been scholars who have mastered secular and religious sciences in various fields of knowledge. Through their efforts, education and science flourished and became an important factor in the emergence of the Second Renaissance in the East. Indeed, one of the encyclopaedists in this process is the scholar Sa’dduddin Taftazani, whose career was mainly held in the cities of Movarounnahr in particular in Samarkand in the famous Palace of Amir Timur. His full name is Mas’ud ibn al-Qadi Fahruddin Umar ibn al-Mawlah al-Azim Burkhonuddin Abdullah ibn al- Imam al-Rabbani Shams al-Haqq, ad-Din al-Qari as-Samarkand al-Hanafi al-Ajami was born in the village of Taftazan in Naso (nowadays Turkmenistan, Ashgabat) in Khorasan. He was a great scholar in the fields of morphology, syntax, maaniy, bayaan, usul al-fiqh, furu’ al-fiqh (hanafi and shafi’i), logic, aqidah, tafseer, geometry, astronomy, and other fields and at present his more than fifty works in various fields are preserved. This article describes the activities and academic legacy of this encyclopaedist.