The Light of Islam


In the context of global economic innovation, it is important to study the methodological and practical aspects of this problem from the point of view of identifying trends and characteristics of pilgrimage tourism and improving the organizational and economic mechanism of its effective development. In our country, the government must create all the necessary conditions for the formation and effective functioning of the tourism industry, in particular tourism pilgrimages, also create a regulatory framework and take appropriate measures for the development and development of certain types of tourism. This will stimulate the development of tourism by creating an environment of fair competition among tourism entrepreneurs, which regulates the activities of tour operators and protects the rights and interests of tourists.

One of the important factors in the development of tourism in our country is peace, stability, mutual understanding and solidarity. Our country has long attracted people from the most developed countries of the world for its beautiful and diverse nature, rich history, architectural monuments and great scholars. It is noteworthy that the first step in the development of pilgrimage tourism to the country has been taken. With the initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the first international tourism forum was held in Bukhara on February 21-23, 2019. In this article gives informtion about that the Republic of Uzbekistan establishes and develops relations with international organizations and foreign countries in the field of tourism, increases the flow of tourists to our country, creates all conditions for tourists, improves the quality and culture of services, and also provides the tourism industry. The organizational and economic aspects of tourism regulation are examined, as well as the training and education of specialists in this field.