The Light of Islam


The article examines the formation of the concept of national innovation systems, its importance in modern economic theory and the history of the introduction of national innovation systems in economic theory and practice. The author analyzes different views on the national innovation system. The stages of development of the concept of a national innovation system are highlighted.

The issues of improving state measures to form the institutional basis of innovation policy are considered as an important tool to increase the effectiveness of the national innovation system. Based on the analysis of various views on the national innovation system, the author came to the conclusion that the national innovation system consists of the following four elements and their relationships: the structure of knowledge formation; technology transfer system; innovation financing system, innovation production system and innovative personnel training system. the article emphasizes that the state determines the main areas of support for innovation, the author has developed proposals for the implementation of measures to create, preserve and disseminate innovative knowledge and technologies, the formation of a national innovation system that unites all subjects of science and innovation management.