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In a market economy, small business is the leading sector that determines the rate of economic growth, the composition and quality of the gross national product. The development and expansion of the sphere of production and services of small businesses in the Republic will eventually lead to an increase in employment and the development of the country’s economy as a whole.

Further enhancement of the role of small business in the national economy and further improvement of its participation in economic growth largely depends on the state of the competitive environment in this area. It is connected with creation of equal competitive conditions for functioning of business structures, improvement of tax system, elimination of financial problems and administrative barriers.

Accordingly, in the current conditions, the problems of determining the totality of factors affecting the formation of a competitive environment in small business, assessing the level of perfection of the competitive environment, the state of the competitive environment and its impact on the effective functioning of small business in Uzbekistan are of urgent importance.

The studied topic corresponds to the priority directions in the socio-economic sphere. Also, the goals and objectives set in the article are determined based on the requirements of the modern stage of development of the innovative economy. On the studied topic, scientifically grounded proposals on the peculiarities of the formation of a competitive environment in small business in the conditions of development of innovative economy are given.