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The purpose of the research is considers a role of complex of mining industry in economy of Uzbekistan, problems of the formation of ecology and economic model of the minerals complex, influence of the complex of mining industry on the country’s economic development. In order to achieve the purpose the following tasks were set out: study of sustainable development of mineral complex of Uzbekistan; assessment of the current situation of mineral complex on the base of the systematic research of the influence of the factors of economic growth, modernization of production; assessment of the potential for perspective development of the minerals complex in modern conditions; definition of priorities directions of development and the proposal of appropriate measures and mechanisms. This article discusses specifics of mineral resourses of Uzbekistan, analyzes experience of development mineral complex. This article is dedicated to the meaning importance, particularity and the priorities of sustainable development of the mineral complex of Uzbekistan in condition of ecologic situation.

The main attention was paid to the analysis of reasons and factors of ecologic problems and their influence of the development mineral complex of country. For the effective to make use of mineral resources important realize series arrangements: modernization and technique technological development of mining industry, minimization of negative effect ecological factors; pay attention to ecological aspects of social and economic development of mining industry on the local, regional and national levels; increase ecological security, monitoring of ecological threats, realization of complex arrangements for minimization of ecological threats and prevention of negative influence on economy of Uzbekistan; rehabilitation of the polluted territory and restoration of biosphere. The article presents some factors of sustainable development of mineral complex of Uzbekistan, including utilization of start-up, eco-innovations, expansion of activity of venture funds and improvement of infrastructure. Methods of research: systems analysis, comparative analysis, method of analysis and synthetic procedure, factorial method, including retrospective and perspective methods.