The Light of Islam


The aim of the article is to reveal some of the socio-psychological capabilities of protecting a person from informationalpsychological threats. The article discusses the psychological possibilities of information and psychological security of a person. Humanity lives in the era of information technology, which accelerated the flow of information, which can change the mood, goals and aspirations of the people of the world, as well as the whole way of thinking. The article also notes that with the transition of mankind to the 21st century, it has been noted with unprecedented growth and quality of information, and today the impact, as well as the daily pressure, which is currently exerted by the foreign media is considered and perceived as aggression and psychological background. It is analyzed that some people, without thinking about the meaning, assimilate the materials and information presented by television channels as it is, moreover many people become victims of informational psychological influences as a result of their emotional, imaginative and satiricalhumorous means. Such aspects as independence in the processing and selection of information, negative and positive consequences of informational psychological security are noted.