The Light of Islam


In this article the use of religious concepts, their roles and methodical tasks are considered. This article deals with the role of popular expressions in speech of characters as expressive means, to increase the value of verbal art, in individualization of speech of characters, their figurative and emotional influence on the reader. Historical-religious words are not only used in the speech of the characters in their speech. There are some methodological goals that apply to them. The use of them can be attributed to the speech situation. They are bound by the process of the events and the mood of the speaker, their attitudes towards reality and their relationships. And most importantly, the historicity is envisaged. The antonyms of words that express religious convictions also have important methodological meanings. Whether they are in their sense or in a portable sense, the texts are brought to their intended purpose, and they can reasonably convey the speech of the speaker to the listener, and may also add to his mental changes. Antonyms are also an effective means of expressing their personality in terms of religious concepts.