The Light of Islam


It is important to say that This article is prepared on The cultural life in Surkhan oasis: informing of achievements and problems based on archival materials.

During these years, It was made actions to destroy the cultura of Surhan oasis after Soviet establishment.At the beginning It was propagandized as to start educating the local people and confused, as a result The local peoples had fallen into the degree of illiteracy.

The musical drama theater was one of the established cultural institutions, It was demonstrated interesting performances for local peoples there. The most of works which demonstrating at theater was been premiers promoting Soviet ideology.

It was operated consistently as the tasks of party and V.I.Lenin`s instructions in the main system of Government of Soviet. The local people`s religious affiliation was limited by Government of Soviet in all of district as It wa been in the country. As a result It was carried out widespread propaganda and outreach for excluding them from the people`s minds, suppressing of the people`s reaction to religious beliefs, creating of the society of «Godless».

It was formed communistic worldview and disrupted the rich culture of the population of oasis . It was organized clubs, red tea –house and other educational place of residence in all the district in order to promote Soviet idealogy as well as that it was consisted that people`s attention was focused on starting up of the politics of the cultural revolution by New Soviet government with fearing and keeping the people on a systematic basis.