The Light of Islam


The life and work of Numan ibn Sabit Abu Hanifa has been thoroughly investigated and is still being studied. In independent Uzbekistan, as well as in the East and the West, an objective study of its life has already been established. No less important is the study of his scientific spiritual heritage. This article is an attempt to solve this problem: to objectively, without praise and moral assessments, analyze his scientific work, the attitude of a number of Muhandis to him in the process of disseminating the doctrine.

In the Muslim world, interest in the personality of Abu Hanifa has ancient roots. The first biographical book about him was composed by Ahmad ibn Salt more than a thousand years ago. Since then, the scientist’s biographies in the form of both separate books and articles in biographical collections have been written a lot. Unfortunately, some of them have not been preserved, and many have not yet been put into scientific circulation, having remained unreleased.