The Light of Islam


The paper highlights the companions’ role in the Science of Hadith and definitions given by muhaddith scholars to them. Also it gives information about the requirements for being a companion of the Prophet. In addition, the methods of the recognition of the companions in the Science of Hadith were explained as well. Some opinions about the years which the companions claim to prove their company with the Prophet in the Science of Hadith were also given. although the companions were belonged to the same level in the history of the Science of Hadith, the scholars have divided them into the several groups during the study their history. Because it is a necessary factor for determining the authenticity of hadiths and choosing a certain companion’s saying to apply in the judgement. Among the narrators of hadith only the companions’ fairness is not discussed. It was analyzed through the examples and used in the books of Kalam as well. The number of the companions who narrated more hadiths were also given. As there were the companions who have given more fatwa since the period of the Prophet in the history of Islam, such kind of the prophets were given in the paper. Information about the number of the companions in the sources was analyzed. because women had an important place in the narration of hadiths, information about them was given as well. Their attempts in the study of hadiths were studied. The number of their narrations in some famous collections of hadith was analyzed.

The paper gives information about women narrators and their activity. Their works in the spread of hadiths are studied on basis of sources. The names of the women narrators who had narrated more than others are given. It is analyzed at the end of the paper that muhaddiths have given the names of the last companions.