The Light of Islam


Studying of philosophical and esthetic outlook of our people reflected in works of art is considered one of the major factors influencing on development of number of disciplines including the development of literary criticism and religious studies. In this sense, the careful and impartial research of such works remains to be one of the urgent tasks of literary criticism and source study in the period of independence.

In the article, sources of the work by the author under the pseudonym Afzaly «Majma‘ al-masail» devoted to fiqh questions and poetic interpretation of the matters are considered.

Questions of fiqh quoted in the margins of «Majma‘ al-masail» are the sources of the work as well. The majority of quotes are given in Arabic from the Koran, hadiths, rules of Sharia as well as from the works devoted to Islamic doctrines such as «Hayrat al-fuqaha», «Sharh-i avradiya», «Mukhtasar-i viqaya», «Al-Muhit», «Kanz al-ibad», «Fatavat al-amniya», «Salat-i Mas‘udiy», «Favayid», «Mukhtar al-fatava», «Favayid-i mukhtasar», «Masnaviy-i ma‘naviy», «Arba‘in», «Qazikhan», «Dajiziy» and «Khulasa».