The Light of Islam


The article gives information about the chronograms of the scientist Fakih and poet Khojojan Khoja - Raji Marginani (1834-1918). One of the talented representatives of the Margilan literary milieu, the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, was a poet, scholarly enlightener - Raji Marginani, who became famous among the local intellectual circles under the name «Khojazhan Kazi». He continued the traditions of the Ferghana school in the fields of Muslim law (fiqh). Khojazhan Kazi worked in poetry under the pseudonym “Raji” (in Arabic, “Hopeful”). His legacy is undoubtedly of scientific interest. It, along with the common features inherent in Central Asian culture, contains its own color and peculiarity. It came in a straight line from the second righteous caliph Umar bin al-Khattab. Over the course of several decades, the ancestors of Rodji owned a leading position among the spiritual elite in the Ferghana Valley; they held the positions of Kazi-Kalyan of higher legal authority.As a poet, Raji continued and developed the best traditions of his predecessors. His work bore a pronounced social coloring. In the work of Raji, a whole gallery of satirical images of the oppressors of the people was created. Satire is essentially Raji’s main vocation. As the head of the Judges of the Ferghana Valley (Kazi-Kalyan), he perfectly knew the secrets of the Kazykhanas, the tricks of the Kazis. Most of the poems, especially Masnavi (couplet), Marsia – Tarih (chronograms) of Raji are purely philosophical in nature. The poet reflects on the essence of human life, on its transience. The activities and heritage of Raji Marginoni are important for the study and understanding of the spiritual and cultural life of the Ferghana Valley.