The Light of Islam


In the article Amir Khusrav Dekhlavi’s huge heritage in the ruba’i genre is tried to study briefly. The aim of the article is to study the ideological and artistic system of the poet’s works, to identify the poet’s skills in the ruba’i genre, and also to define the role of his writings in the history of Persian-Tajik literature through analyzing his ruba’is. It is a scientific fact that he has profoundly influenced the other poets’ works in the Islamic region who wrote in Persian and Turkic afterwards. The interest to the poet’s writings, including his ruba’is, is related to the fact that the poet can create an independent school in the Middle Ages.

Amir Khusrav wrote in all the genres of Persian literature in his time. He is also a rarely found philosopher in the field of ruba’i writing. The poet’s entire works are full of philosophical thoughts about the God, the universe, the human being, the life, the earth, the love, and has become a unique heritage due to the perfect choice of words in his works. The great accomplishments in this sphere are also appertain to the poet’s ruba’is. Although the subject of romance, which is characteristic of all types of poetry, is a dominant factor of his ruba’s, the area of social and philosophical thought is also extensive. He impresses people by the fact that he is a master of talent, who is capable of delivering any theme by his poems. It is evident that the ideas expressed in the article are aimed at determining the literary environment that poet lived and worked, their importance for the poet’s works and their role in the development of Oriental Literature.