The Light of Islam


In this article, the issue of aariyah (temporary gratuitous use of something) on social-legal relations in the sources of the classical period of the Hanafi sect, its lexical and stylistic meanings, as well as the understanding of the issue of aariyah according to Hanafi and other denominations of the Ahli Sunnah Wal Jama`ah are studied. According to Islamic law, the differences between aariyah, savings, pledge, lease agreements and the specific legal concepts are analysed comparatively. Also, the rights and obligations of the giver and the recipient of the aariyah are studied.

In this article, the issues related to aariyah in the works of fuqaha who were from Transoxiana and well-known in the Islamic world, including the work by Burkhaniddin Mahmud Bukhari “Muhit Burhani”, “Hidaya” by Burkhanuddin Marginani, “Mabsut” by Shamsul Aimma Sarakhsi, as well as among the scholars of the present time “Fiqhul Islam and adillatuhu” by Wahbatuz Zuhayl were analysed comparatively and conclusions were made.