The Light of Islam


This article provides information on the modern editions of «Bakhr al-kalam» attributed to the famous Maturidi scholar Abu-l-Mu’in Nasafi. The article is covered in the following publications: «Bakhr al-kalam», devoted to the study of the language, the study of Maturidite teachings, than the outstanding work of Abu-l-Mu’in Nasafi «Tabsirat al-adilla». A source of analysis of three modern and critical editions of «Bakhr al-kalam», based on the available manuscripts, and the most recent publication of books, which is considered easy to read, was carried out.

In addition, analytical information about the ideological role in dogmatic topics and in the struggle against modern extremist groups is covered.

The article «Bakhr al-kalam» provides information on the exposure of the distorted dogmatic views of the Kharijits, as well as their misinterpretations in relation to the Qur’an and Hadith using the views of Abu-l-Mu’in Nasafi. In addition, authentic «Bakhr al-kalam» works are published on the basis of scientific analytical materials, which cite the ideas of the ideological refutation of lost beliefs, Hezbal-Tahrir and the modern-extremist ISIS group, which contradict the dogmas of Sunniism. Based on examples, the work «Bakhr al-kalam» is provided not only when studying the history of mankind, but also when revealing in it all aspects of the book devoted to the call for morality, the desire for enterprise and retention from carelessness.