The Light of Islam

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The article deals with the correlation between the categories of science and faith in Islam, the question of the concept of knowledge, to take knowledge, to develop knowledge, the relationship between the concepts of science and faith in the Islamic religion. So the article presents the thoughts on this issue of such European Orientalists and Islamic scholars as M. Rodenson, A. Mrozek, E. Frolova, J.Timothy, A.Zarrinkub, B. Jonathan, S.Blair, M. Bukai and F. Rosenthal. For example, the American scientist F. Rosenthal in his book “the Triumph of knowledge” showed how close and interrelated the concepts of science and faith in Islam are, that they do not contradict each other, but, on the contrary, are harmonious, interrelated, complement each other and it is not possible to present them separately. The article also provides a comprehensive analysis of the views and a number of scientific conclusions made by Imam Ghazzali, a prominent scholar in the Muslim world in the book Ihyou `ulum id-din (Revival of Religious Knowledge). The article also reveals that the concept of “science, knowledge” in the Islam was always very important, it was never rejected and in relation to it there has never been a bad attitude toward it. In addition, Islam does not have a principle of separating the sciences as “religious” and “secular”, but rather the principle of dividing the sciences into useful, which bring benefit, or useless, harmful ones. It is emphasized that the sciences which serve for the prosperity of mankind are considered to be useful and supported in Islam. In addition, the issue concerning the relationship of science and faith was always in the center of attention of our great ancestors, and in each period it had its own interpretations and different aspects

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